How to get started

How to get started with Simcenter




Initial stage

  • We set up an initial meeting to discover and define the challenges you might have and what problems you would like to solve. We introduce our team to you, the expertise and knowledge we have in your industry.
  • We schedule a follow up meeting where we demonstrate the relevant products and solutions for you.


Evaluation stage

  • Evaluation plan – together with you we set up a rough and well defined plan where we identify a few cases to complete during the evaluation.
  • Together with with you we set clear goals of objectives, ROI, financial investment needed etc. We involve your economic buyer at this stage as well.
  • Training – We customize trainings based on your experience.
  • Evaluation licens provided and installed. Normal period of 1-2 months depending on the scope.
  • We schedule weekly technical stand-up-meetings in order to support you during the evaluation.
  • Conclusion of the evaluation. Together with you we go through the results of the evaluation and measure this towards the initial success criterias we earlier definied.



  • Business proposal – based on the outcome from the evaluation we provide a customized solution based on your specific needs.
  • Decision – after your internal acceptance of the solution we complete the procurement process.
  • Implementation – we provide you with the complete solution and we support you with any installation needed in order to get the software up and running. Normally you will have everything in place 2-3 working days from order.
  • Follow up and customer success – all our customers will have their dedicated application support engineer that will function as your first point of contact with any questions you might have. further, we run bi-annual customer success meetings where we discuss topics and the satisfaction of the solution we provide to you.
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Featured success stories

Learn how we have engaged with different customers and how they have used the software and our solutions successfully in different projects

Carl stenson

Customer success & support

The Volupe customer success program includes regular technical follow-up meetings with our Customer Success Manager Carl Stenson. We go through what projects you have carried out, what you see in front of you and how we can support you in the best possible way. All our customers will be appointed a dedicated support technician who will be your first point of contact and carry relevant experience from your industry and how the software can be used efficiently and accurately.