Simcenter FLOEFD™

Simcenter FLOEFD for Frontload CFD simulation


What is Simcenter FLOEFD?

Simcenter FLOEFD is a CAD embedded software that puts the power of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation in your hands. Use it directly in NX, Creo, CATIA V5 or Solid Edge in order to fully explore the full potential of your ideas rapidly, without disrupting your design process. Make impact of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results effortlessly, conduct fast and frequent analysis, and generate advanced insightful reports inside your preferred CAD platform. Simcenter FLOEFD can help you reduce the overall simulation time by as much as 75% and enhance productivity by up to 40x. Boost your efficiency and reduce costs in your organization.


  • Simple-to-use
  • Fully CAD integrated
  • Smart meshing
  • Robust convergence criteria
  • Efficient workflows
  • Cost effective
  • Makes simulation easy
  • Reduces simulation time in the design process
  • Fast and easy to set up

Smart Cartesian meshing technology

Simcenter FLOEFD is a CAD embedded software that enables engineers to through thermal simulation, simulate thermal problems and fluid flow. Simcenter FLOEFD eliminates the workflow complexity and meshing overheads of old-school CFD software. The software uses smart Cartesian meshing technology which is ranked as the most efficient framework for simulating mass, fluid flow and heat transfer to the design.

Thermal Netlist Extraction

Using Reduced Order Model (ROM), the thermal netlist extraction converts a full technology Simcenter FLOEFD project into a thermal netlist . This thermal netlist is then connected to an electrical netlist for the electro-thermal analysis.

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Electrical Element

This is one of the latest in the range of features in Simcenter FLOEFD. By the given component’s electrical resistance, this thermo-electric compact model can be used to link a component to a direct current electro-thermal calculation . The related joule heat is calculated and added to the simulation as a heat transfer source.

FLOEFD overview

Simcenter FLOEFD Electronics Cooling module

The Electronics Cooling module in Simcenter FLOEFD, uses the latest technology in CFD simulation and enables you to accurately predict thermal behavior of electronic devices with compact models, such as validating electronics cooling system performance to achieve long product life, enable joule heating analysis in and efficiently explore methods for cooling electronic devices.


BCI-ROM + Package Creator Module new functionalities: the Package creator, Thermal Netlist and BCI-ROM

In addition to the the Package creator, Thermal Netlist and BCI-ROM functionalities, the PCB compact model has been added to this module. Prior to this it was only available in the Simcenter FLOEFD Electronics Cooling module.

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Lukas Johansson, M.Sc.


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