Simcenter Flotherm™

Efficient SmartPart™-Based Electronics Thermal Design

Simcenter Flotherm™

Simcenter Flotherm software creates a thermal digital twin of an electronics product that is capable of simulating temperature and airflow.

A thermal digital twin is easily created for any electronics product by working with SmartParts™ (heatsinks, fans, enclosures, TECs, PCMs, are more) and a customizable part library system.

Additionally, geometry from all MCAD systems can be imported and efficiently converted into SmartParts. Support for standard EDA formats like ODB++ allow the thermal digital twin to stay in sync with any PCB layout tool present in the design flow.

Simcenter Flotherm Instamesh™

Simcenter Flotherm Instamesh™ Cartesian-based grid system, is created instantly and consistently for any digital twin, even those that include many thousands of parts. The Instamesh system enables the thermal engineer to explore the design with Command Center (built in parametric and optimization module) free of grid quality concerns.


Simcenter T3STER Thermal analysis

With a process of design and feedback driven development for over 32 years, the Simcenter Flotherm software provides thermal simulation at the component, PCB, IC package, and enclosure levels, to datacenters and large electronic systems for example. Engineers can test and understand airflow, predict junction temperature, electronics cooling and heat transfer to reduce the risks of costly design re-spins. Leveraging solutions such as calibration to Simcenter T3STER thermal measurement, you can achieve the most suited thermal design with high reliability quicker.


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