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Enthusiastic problem solver with a curious mind.

Here’s a man who believes that simulations, equations and problem-solving is not only fun, but essential to life. Just as much as having a balanced social life. Fabian is a keen believer in finding the best way of doing things, founded on how things really work. And always ready to ask that important question: Why?


Fabian Hasselby, M Sc is, an Applications support engineer for Volupe. As with many others at Volupe, his degree is from Chalmers University of Technology. Today he is 35, and lives with wife and two kids in Skövde – a 2-hour drive, northeast of Gothenburg. And, as it’s implied in the preamble, to Fabian problem-solving is challenging, stimulating, and plain fun.


“When they succeed, we succeed too.”


What are your main tasks at Volupe?

– I make sure that the software is used the best way.  We do this by supporting both customers and sales. When supporting customers, I aim to find the best application use, adapted to the customer’s field of expertise. When supporting sales, it’s more about finding the applicable solution that suits a possible customer best.

– There is seldom one single way of solving a problem, my task is to propose a range of solutions, discuss trade-offs, pros and cons, and hopefully provide some insight into the problem and problem statement. All and all it’s about finding ways that can help build our long-term relations with the people we work with. Because, when they succeed, we succeed too.


Why do you do what you do today?

– I kind of slipped on a banana peel into my current work. I have an exam in energy systems, working with complex systems like power plants. But when writing my thesis, I found the magic tools of applied mechanics. And I realized that I liked them, as they’re fun to work with. They are more specific, yet more challenging. Suddenly, I could see and understand the practical applications of what I did.

– Then I got a summer job at Volvo Cars, with an opportunity to do my thesis work there. So, I ended up in the automotive industry, working with simulation. And I stayed there for several years, until I recently joined Volupe.


What’s your driving force?

– I’d say curiosity. I always want to understand how things work. When I was younger, I constantly asked questions. “Why does the sun appear red as it sets? “How does a refrigerator work? “Why is a turbo charger making a car faster?” My engineer father didn’t have all the answers, but he knew how to help me find out things for myself. This is maybe also the reason for my occupation. I like to take things apart and to understand them and what they do. And I found out early that starting with “why?” is a good idea.


“There is rarely one single solution.”


Are there any special methods you use?

– Not really. A lot of common sense, a holistic perspective so not to miss anything important, and of course applied knowledge of the simulation software. And this helps when customers ask “if I want to do this, just how do I go about it?

– I am curious. That helps when in customer meetings and in finding solutions. Especially as our software applies to so many different segments of industry. One day it’s wind power, another battery systems. We always say that our customers are experts in their branch of work, we are the experts in applications, simulations and how to understand and solve the customer challenges.


What’s important when you meet others?

– Preparation is key to all meetings. To understand the customer’s situation and challenges. To be sensitive about their needs and demands is also important. At the same time, it’s rarely good to find quick fixes. So, I normally focus on the information given, I listen, and I ponder. Carefully contemplating about the challenge and the context. In addition, there is rarely one single solution. We constantly evaluate different types of solutions, weigh them against each other, before suggesting the optimum way.


Anything special you are proud of?

– Mainly three things. My desire to learn new things, my family, and my education. Me being curios is of course the base for everything else. An open mind has help me a lot, no matter whether it’s about everyday life or specific tasks at hand. But also, to never be too quick to judge.

– My kids always make my very proud. Being able to follow their progress is a blessing.  And my education has opened so many different doors to me. It has put me in desirable positions and allows me to be able to work with the things I enjoy.


“…the balance between work, family and friends is everything.”


What do you see in the future?

– I want that down to earth lifestyle, preferably involving a house in the country with a heated barn for me to tinker in. At the same time, I enjoy working at Volupe where I get to meet and help customers who work with the latest in technology, which is exciting! Having spent most of my career in larger organisations, I truly enjoy the small and flexible organisation we have here at Volupe. My work brings me quality in life and for me the balance between work, family and friends is everything. To summarise, a rural life, still being able to do the kind of work I do today.


Fabian Volupe