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Setting goals, and reaching them

Always trying to improve by setting new goals, Lukas Johansson mindset is to be humble while trying to learn from new experiences. Holding a M.Sc. in naval architecture from Chalmers University of Technology, he has also been an athlete for many years. That part of life can often be noticed in his professional approach. Setting goals is important to Lukas, as well as always working with improvements to be able to take that extra step and evolve further.

Apart from his profession, Lukas has a past as a team handball player and later as a triathlete. Explaining what made him try this tough and very special sport, he explains:

– I like setting goals. And to do new things that challenge me. First, a friend brought me to a try-out triathlon in 2014. After that I decided that I wanted to challenge myself with an Ironman. First step was to learn to crawl and to set up a string of milestones; An Olympic triathlon in 2014, a half Ironman in 2015 and to reach the goal with a full Ironman in 2016. But I wasn’t pleased with the result, due to a lot of hassle during the race – which is a part of the sport – so I signed up for another full Ironman in 2017, where I managed to improve my result.

“The offer from Volupe is unique and very exciting and everyone wants to be a part of the winning team, right?”

Professionally, the goal-setting method has served Lukas well. An earlier supervisor once said about Lukas: “He is a natural leader in a non-prestigious way. He is very popular both as colleague and in private.”

After working for MacGregor for just about a decade, Lukas joined the Volupe team in early 2020.
– I’m a 41-year-old man from Gothenburg. Recently my third child was born, and it suited me well to do something new. The offer from Volupe is unique and very exciting, and everyone wants to be a part of the winning team, right?

What is it you’re supposed to do at Volupe?
– My main task is to build customer relations, aiming to generate more business for Volupe. The way to do this is to both keep existing customers happy and to find new ones. My market is new to Volupe – the Benelux area. It’s one of the reasons I was recruited, as I’ve worked in this geographical area before, while being with MacGregor. I’ll also be the contact person for our new, local Siemens partner.

Why is this market important to Volupe?
– It has got to do with Volupe’s growth target, as we need more areas to work with and to grow into. The existing Nordic market isn’t enough anymore, for what we have to offer. The product we bring to the market is in many ways, way ahead of the competition and there is a great potential for us in Europe.

What’s your driving force?
– I’m a goal-orientated person, as you can tell from my triathlete goal setting. With Volupe we now go into a whole new market. The way to do this is to set viable goals, upping them as we go along. In many ways reaching goals is a kind of a confirmation for me. Setting long-term goals and slowly pushing yourself towards them is very rewarding. Especially when you reach them.

“Celebrations is a very important part of setting goals.”

So, when are you satisfied?
– When we or I reach set targets and goals. Working to reach business goals can be mentally exhausting (working many evenings and nights) and to cross the finish line provides a fantastic feeling. A while after that, a dull and empty sensation often appears. By then it’s time to set new goals. But only after you celebrate. Celebrations is a very important part of setting goals. So, setting goals, working to reach them, reaching them, and celebrating them is all very satisfying.

How do you do what you do?
– I try to listen a lot to the people around me, as everyone has a story to tell. Being curious and to ask questions is the right way to get to know what people want. It sure helps me to help others (customers) to be satisfied. It’s also about understanding what they say in the right way – which underlying goals and needs that exist. When we meet buyers, I always try to understand how I can make this person shine and to be seen by his or her employer. I want to help them reach their goals.

What is important when you meet others?
– Honesty and a transparent discussion. I never play games or charades. This way, no one can find any strange oddities in our talks. We have to solve the possible disparities that might show up together, with transparency as far as you can manage.

“My feeling of never being really finished is important to me.”

Anything you’re extra proud of?
– During my years at MacGregor: The new businesses and new customers. I’m proud of the many occasions when we could break new grounds, for instances into the mega-yacht industry.

And the future, what do you see in it?
– For myself; to be curious, to do businesses and to be a good person. I have a large family that needs to be happy. Which also applies to my employer and to myself.
– I believe that my feeling of never being really finished is important to me. I see a future where I continue to develop and constantly find new challenges.