Simcenter Motorsolve

Accurately design electric motors with easy-to-use software

What is Simcenter Motorsolve?

Simcenter Motorsolve is a complete design and analysis solution for permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electronically, and brush-commutated machines. The software leverages finite element analysis with an intuitive interface for accurate simulations of electric machines.

The template-based interface is easy to use and flexible enough to handle practically any motor topology, with provision for custom rotors and stators. Typical FEA operations such as mesh and solver refinements, winding layout and post-processing (including the export of 1D models) are automated by the software. Performance parameters, waveforms, and field plots are available with just a mouse click.

Coil simulation

Electric Motor Coil Winding

The electric motor coil winding layout plays a central role in design and performance. The technology used to determine the complete list of all possible balanced layouts is unique and makes evaluating alternatives easy. All the relevant factors are automatically calculated.

Any predetermined layout can be modified or the coil winding can be entered manually. An extensive list of winding charts is available (Phase Back-EMF, Görges diagram, Airgap MMF, and more).

Electric Motor Types

Complete electric motor design software for permanent magnet, induction, synchronous, electronically, and brush-commutated machines.

The template-based interface is easy to use and flexible enough to handle practically any motor topology. Custom rotor and stator profiles can be imported.

Electric motor types
Motor types simulation

FEA Automation

A more efficient electric motor design process with the automation of typical FEA pre and post-processing tasks.

Typical FEA operations, such as mesh refinements, solution space definition, and post-processing, are not required. Virtual experiments and export of 1D models are also preset for the user.

Motor Thermal Analysis

Seamless co-simulation between electromagnetics and thermal analysis for electric motors to study the effects of heat and various cooling strategies on performance. Using a robust and highly proficient automated 3D FEA engine, performance results can be based on steady-state or transient temperature analysis.

Motor Thermal Analysis
Motorsolve simcenter6

Performance Analysis

Use preset virtual experiments to evaluate the simulated performance of electric motors. The experiments yield output quantities, waveforms, fields, and charts.

The virtual experiments include analysis over the whole torque-speed curve, thermal performance, motor characterization, instantaneous waveforms, and hotspots. Later combine with battery simulation

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Motorsolve calculation

Optimizing the cooling of an EV/HEV traction motor

Using low-frequency electromagnetic-thermal CFD simulation to accelerate traction motors innovation

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