Simcenter Webapp Server

Extend the use of system simulation throughout the company

Simcenter Webbapp server

Simcenter Webapp Server

Make system simulation accessible for any type of user throughout your organization. System simulation has become essential to designing products. But apart from simulation experts and advanced users, an increasing number of project engineers and technical salespeople, who don’t have access to a Simcenter Amesim desktop, also need digital twins to give predictive information to customers.

Simcenter Webapp Server offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. This server-client, web-based application provides access to end-user-specific simulation results thanks to pre-defined model parameterization. The only requirement is an internet browser.

Simcenter Webapp Server helps IT organizations more easily deploy it to a wider range of users, while making sure that intellectual property stays on the company’s premises.

Install-free system simulation deployment

Access system simulation models without a desktop application. Identified by their login, users only need an internet connection and a web browser to access models, run simulations and inspect results from anywhere in the world, at any time and on any kind of device. The installation is centralized on the company server and your intellectual property does not leave your company infrastructure.

Simcenter webapp server

Instant publication and sharing of your models

Easily collaborate with your colleagues. With the Simcenter Webapp Server, registered users can upload a model and share it with other users. You don’t need to send models by email anymore. Any user can see shared models in his workspace and can start new analyses. For each analysis, the parameterization and the results are stored on the server for later reuse.

System simulation power from everywhere

Help technical sales staff take full advantage from the predictive capabilities of system simulation models to showcase the performance of mechatronic products in front of customers. These models can be prepared by model owners, who define the parameters and the variables of interest. End-users then simply edit those parameters, run simulations remotely and access the results they need.

Simcenter webapp server simulation