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Template Simcenter STAR-CCM+ get started, v2306
The video below shows how to start a new simulation using the template and how to open the simulation guide with instructions.
This template can be used to save time when setting up a new simulation. Amongst other things it comprises two predefined continua that Volupe has identified as the most frequently used. It also comprises a parameterized geometry part of a pipe that can be used for a test simulation. If you would like to change and use another part in your simulation, the template contains some filtering based on naming to speed up the setup time.
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Volupe star template 2306 3



Template for estimating porous baffle resistance coefficients for wire grids

This template provides a ready-made setup for running a sequence of wire grid simulations for estimating resistance parameters for porous baffles. Detailed instructions on how to use the template can be found in this blog post: