Volupe PaaS - Platform as a service

Platform as a service

Volupe PaaS - Platform as a service

Are you looking for a swift, secure and flexible cloudbased computing platform? Welcome to us at Volupe who is a Prefered Siemens Partner and experts in High Performance Computing.

The Volupe Way with Platform as a Service

We at Volupe always do a thorough feasibility study where we go through your requirements and wishes for how you want to optimize your CFD simulation for your particular calculation, regardless of which flow mechanics or type of heat transfer it applies.

We have also built up a calculation cluster (High Performance Computing – HPC) so that you can run large analyzes on-demand if necessary. By also offering this, we simplify the optimization of all parts of the complete solution around your simulation and calculation. All simulations should go as fast as possible. This set up is to fit any type of business models that you would like to set up.

Go to our PaaS price calculator and get a swift price indication

Transparency through the process with the Volupe PaaS (Platform as a Service) calculator. Select number of users, cores and the number of months you will subscribe to the platform. There is two options. Firstly, you can allocated a certain number of cores over period you choose. i.e 3 months, 6 months, annually or multiyear. Secondly, you can have true-on-demand solution where you pay as you go for the consumed compute power and software.

Link to Paas price calculator

When you need and need to talk about different calculations and models we handle Swedish, English, German and Spannish which facilitates unnecessary language barriers.

In connection with the rapid development of AI and the availability of “big data”, there is now conditions for making fast and smart analyzes and optimizations of problems and challenges of the products.

In addition, the development work of Siemens software Simcenter STAR-CCM + is progressing to always increase the efficiency and complexity of modeling.

All CFD projects to be done require a reliabele software and a high performance of the hardware

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) – here you will find links to more information, background and mathematical formulas that are used.

Do you want to run your software applications cloud based?

Call us, mail us or phone us and we meet up and see whats on your mind and what challenges you want us to solve and tell more about your advantage witch our PAAS Solutions.

Why Volupe develop PaaS option?

PaaS is a category of cloud computing services that provides platforms and solutions stacks for cloud users. As the cloud market matures, IT departments are looking to complete solutions. For this feature we have developed Volupe PaaS for 3 reasons.

1- Agile development.

2- Better plan for new systems.

3- Scaling factors and cost. Scaling and keeping costs low and predictable is a huge obstacle.

What is a cloud provider?

Volupe PaaS makes deployment of applications possible across your entire network while negating the need for you to invest in hardware or software, basically because it is all owned and maintained by us at Volupe as the cloud provider. We then as your provider customise, integrate or develop from scratch, applications needed by the enterprise, which the client can then access via the internet.

Your support team

We at Volupe strongly believe that you as a customer should have the best support there is. Therefor we also have a customer success manager who always looking after you as a customer and your ongoing projects.

Carl Wanngård, M.Sc.

Account manager & business developer
+46 731 473 320


Lukas Johansson, M.Sc.

Account manager & business developer
+46 704 466 297


Customer success & support

The Volupe customer success program includes regular technical follow-up meetings with our Customer Success Manager Carl Stenson. We go through what projects you have carried out, what you see in front of you and how we can support you in the best possible way. All our customers will be appointed a dedicated support technician who will be your first point of contact and carry relevant experience from your industry and how the software can be used efficiently and accurately.

Case study STAR CCM

Featured success stories

Learn how we have engaged with different customers and how they have used the software and our solutions successfully in different projects

Get started Star CCM+

How to get started

Volupe has developed a complete customer oriented process to onboard you as a new user of Simcenter STAR-CCM+. Learn more how this process is defined.